Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Fandom Friday - My Favorite Things About Winter

I live in Wisconsin, so Winter is literally a way of life! I live just on the border of super cold north and the south of Wisconsin, which is right in the path of one of the airflow currents that brings down winter hell. The last two winters have really been unbearably cold. . . this Polar Vortex junk has been super intense. With it being a way of life, it's not hard to find the joys of life in this winter climate. Here are my 5 Fandom Friday Favorites Things About Winter.

1. Hot Drinks 

Teas, Hot Toddies, Hot Chocolate, and Cider have been the drinks of choice around this household. I discovered the joys of a Hot Toddy last year. It's essentially a small amount of whiskey (1oz), black tea, honey, lemon, and a cinnamon stick. Served hot! You can find dozens of different types of recipes for how to make it and what to add, but that's my recipe and I'm sticking to it. Sometimes I add a little sugar to give it a little sweet bump.  They're a treat only on the coldest of days. For other days it's all about the tea. I am not a coffee drinker, so you won't find me brewing a fresh pot or anything, but you will hear the tea kettle going off. I'm big into Castiel tea right now from Adagio. Totally perfect.  Other are apple cider and hot chocolate. My favorite is Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Plus cupping the mug is always so comfy.

2. The Landscape

I live out in a mostly country. Lots of farms and open landscape with trees and other natural settings makes winter landscapes beautiful. Especially when the sun is setting or rising and it's creating that gorgeous winter scene that includes colors! Or, you get those gorgeous crisp landscape scenes. The beauty of it is so photographic, you just can't help but want to break out the camera and start clicking away. It feels so peaceful and puts you in an instant good mood with the beauty of the scene. Now cue some Lord of the Rings epic music.

3. Time for Book Binging

It's time to light the fire and snuggle up with a good book. For all the books I get at Christmas, there is never a shortage of material to read while trying to stay warm under a fluffy comforter. Snuggle-up reading is the best. You can be close while enjoying your favorite story. For some reason I always feel compelled to grab Harry Potter. It just feels so wintery with their scarves and stuff.

4. Favorite Series Binging

Binge-watching is all the rage now adays. I can't check a feed without seeing someone raving about binging out on a show. I am not above this current trend. Last winter we binge-watched Supernatural and The Walking Dead. I can't still remember sittin' back and sippin' on a Hot Toddy while watching the rise of The Governor. This year it's Parks and Recreation. We got hooked from catching episodes on TV that would run like 8 in a row and then out of order. So now we're in it to watch it all. It is so cold out, our dog is scared to go outside to pee. Sticking out hand outside for the leash hook could mean instant frostbite.


And the gamer in me comes out and it's time to take away the guilt of playing board games, because outside is just TOO DAMN COLD! Plus I'm participating in the 10x10 Challenge on BoardGameGeek and I've got to get some gaming down. Oh. . . and we got tons of games for Christmas and my birthday. Good times!

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  1. Hot toddies for the win!! I love your binge activities too. I find I always end up re watching all of LOTR (extended versions of course) in the winter

  2. Yes, to hot drinks! Love sitting and sipping while I watch my favorite shows!

  3. TOTALLY down with the binge watching of a series. I'm waiting for The Fall season 2 to pop up on Netflix next weekend! LOL xx