Sunday, February 8, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 8: About You

There's so much about me out there, I'm not really sure what to share about me. I mean, all these lists are about me. Well, let's see what I turn up with.

1. Lived in Scotland

And I miss it all the time. I know I took full advantage of living there, but I still feel like I could have taken even more advantage. I learned the joy of wandering while I lived there.

2. Was a Film Critic

No, seriously.... I was a film critic. Mingled with the big wigs, like Martin Scorsese and Sydney Pollack. Myself and my husband ran our own site and had a podcast with our friend. It was really quite awesome, but after some things that happened in Scotland I fell away from film criticism because I realized I was snarky enough to be successful. I was too heartfelt and real. Everything about me comes from the heart.

3. Wish I could dye my hair a crazy color

When I was younger I wanted to do RED, but I wasn't allowed. I've also wanted to do blue and purple, but I almost feel like my age and job are in the way a little bit. Who knows. . . maybe someday I'll make the jump and at least have like. . . red or blue bangs!

4.  I am an INFJ.

After all these years I still register as an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs. I've taken the test at every university I've been to, because they offered it for free and it's been really great. Sadly, I'm the most awkward of them all. On the flip side, it also explains my sensitivity to energies.

5. I swam in the Aegean Sea in March

When we visited Athens, we took a bus to the beach so we could swim in the sea (the bus drive said 15 minutes.... it was the longest 15 minutes of our life....). Strangely enough, the end of March is the COLDEST time to swim in the sea, but we did it anyways! Then when we bought postcards of our trip in Athens, we were given a plate. We, um... left the plate in our hotel room. It seemed a little sketchy to us.

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