Saturday, February 7, 2015

28 Days of Lists - Day 7: Things I Would Tell My 20-Something Self

I feel like my 20's are still too much with me, even though I'm about 4 years out of them. It was my biggest period of change. Honestly, for who isn't it one of their biggest changing eras. I have a few things I'd tell myself, but. . .I think I lived it the most honestly and life-embracing that I could. But here are a few things:

1. Pick up the dog poop!

Seriously. . . it just became such an issue everywhere we went, because I trusted my husband and I'd defend that he picked it up, but apparently it wasn't always being done. Just apologize and pick it up. ::sigh:: DAMN YOU DOG POOP!

2. Don't Doubt Yourself

No matter how much they beat you down and tell you everything about you is wrong, remember you felt that way for a reason and there's nothing wrong with you not wanting to be part of their group. They're miserable and wanted to drag you down to their miserable level.

3. Unpack and Purge and Stop Accepting Stuff

When you move, unpack EVERYTHING and purge what you don't need. Then, once you've done that, don't accept tons of junk from other people. Just because someone gives it to you doesn't mean you HAVE to keep it.


Stop doubting that you're a geek. . . you loved Hero Quest. . . you loved movies. . . you loved books. . . don't not understand who you are. You're just at a different place than these other guys. Embrace the games and the Guild.

5. Just Stay Away

Keep away from people and don't let them persuade you otherwise. While a said mentality, the people you meet are not worth the pain they will put you through. And if you do #4, you'll be better off all around.

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