Monday, June 3, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 7: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Episode 7 - What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  • Exo III - icy planet where it is really cold (Star Trek's Hoth).
  • Orion Ruins
  • Spock doesn't have an answer. . . that can't be good.
  • Awe, cute couple at the back on the Bridge confirming how it is a joyous moment for Christine and Dr. Korby. Never saw them before on the Bridge or the crew or whatever, but hey. . . the viewer needs confirmation.
  • Who transports down to an ice planet without a jacket, hats, or gloves?
  • Dramatic Rock Lighting!
  • RED SHIRT!!! Dead. And not the one you think.
  • RED SHIRT!!! Dead! Now the one you think.
  • Awesome! Shirtless hot chick with a breathy voice.
  • Shirts look more yellow. Woots!
  • WOAH! ROBOTS AND ALIENS... oh wait... no androids!
  • Ruk might injure you? woah.
  • Learn before you judge. . .don't judge the work that is immoral and bad until I've shown you my insane research.
  • OH! So Andrea is an android hotty. . . 
  • You make androids out of people? 
  • DIZZY!!! DIZZY!!!
  • You can't replace me!!! That's MY ship!!!!
  • "I'm sick of your half-breed interference." - Um. . . absolutely brilliant Kirk. Absolutely brilliant!
  • He's not just a direct replica. . . he's a directly douchey replica. 
  • All the benefits of androids, without the humanity. No illness. No hate. But no love or compassion.
  • Phallic stalactites maybe not the most appropriate choice.
  • Is that a cardboard door?
  • Dr. Korby was never here. . . because I destroyed him and all his creations, so we don't have to deal with that anymore. 

So this episode was written by Robert Bloch. Why do I care? Because I love Alfred Hitchcock. I am also from Wisconsin and he is a Milwaukee guy, having joined the Milwaukee Fictioneers. The school he taught at is the Lincoln Center for the Arts middle school now, but it was previously Lincoln High School. How awesome is that? Well, maybe only awesome for me as a teacher, Milwaukee art lover, and Wisconsinite.  In case you don't know the Lincoln High School (closed in 1978), Oprah Winfrey went there before going to Nicolet High School.

And where does this Hitchcock reference come in, you might ask? Well, he wrote the original Psycho story that Hitchcock later turned into his classic film. Bloch was a massive H.P. Lovecraft fan and has also been acknowledged by Stephen King as a master of horror. What I'm starting to come to realize is that there is a connection between horror writers and Science Fiction. A future note for myself is to investigate Science Fiction horror and the connections that are within them (ex. Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Hitchcock Presents, Amazing Stories) and then there are video games (ex. Resident Evil, Dead Space).  So yeah, the original writer of Psycho is the author of this pretty nifty episode. He is also the one and only MST3K connection (wrote the screenplay for the film in Episode 905: The Deadly Bees). From Bloch's biography, it looks like we'll see him again in TOS. Looking forward to it.

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