Sunday, June 16, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 14: Balance of Terror

Episode 14 - Balance of Terror
  •  Is. . . is this a wedding?
  • Ok... thanks Kirk for setting up that something is about to happen during this gathering.
  • McCoy is all happy leaning against the wall. . . where's Spock? Oh.. on the Bridge avoiding feelings.
  • Kirk and Janice mirroring the two people getting married. Awe... adorable!
  • OH NO!!! CRISIS!!! Better make this a quick honeymoon!
  • Romulus and Remus! ROMULANS!!! AWESOME!
  • Momentary pausing of the episode reveals Kirk's heavily laid eyeshadow!
  • Romulan Empire and the Earth Zone. The Neutral Zone in-between. Interesting Map. (Earth Outpost Sector Z-6 and the Romulan Star Empire, below which says Romulous and Romii. . . Remus.)

  • Earth Romulan Conflict over a century ago. Fought with primitive atomic weapons, no quarter and no captains and no ship-to-ship visual communication. We've never seen each other.
  • Entering the Neutral Zone means WAR!
  • Painted like a giant bird of prey!
  • The Enterprise is Expendable if issues arise.
  • WOAH!!! You can marry your superior officer? That's crazy! 
  • Revealed: She's a MAN BABY! (He tells her to "get back to work buddy.")
  • They've taken out four of our bases! 
  • No Room for Bigotry on the Bridge! ("Leave any bigotry in your quarters. There's no room for it on the bridge."- Kirk to Stiles, after he implies that Spock could be a Romulan spy)
  • Plasma torpedoes?
  • Ooooo cloaking systems!
  • Toga like uniforms, but with shorts. Interesting
  • Weaponry is superior to ours. We are totally screwed.
  • Kirk has another captain who thinks like him. Oh this could lead to trouble! How impressive is Kirk that an arrogant Romulan is taking steps towards respecting his ability to maneuver and being an awesome captain!
  • Spock: Circuit Mechanic
  • Ship crumbles with dust? (Every time the Romulan ship is hit by the phasers, the walls crumble. If they're so superior, why is their ship crumbling? Note for the future: Please do not use plaster and dry wall on your ships.)
  • "I wish I were on a long sea voyage somewhere. Not too much deck tennis, no frantic dancing. And no responsibility." - Kirk to McCoy, on the Romulan incursion.  (He just wants to go on a cruise with no crazy dancing, what more can a man ask for!!)
  • McCoy's got the answers! "In this galaxy, there's a mathematical probability of three million earth-type planets...and in all the universe, three million million galaxies like this one. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don't destroy the one named Kirk."
  • Spock, was hitting that button to accidentally initiate a signal to the Romulans planned?
  • 23 causalities? from radiation? Oh, not deaths. . .there was only 1 death.
  • SCOTTY!!! Not Mr. Scott. SCOTTY!
  • And the groom is dead! Do we know this earlier than now because of how jaded we are? 
  • People need to know there's a reason. For his death? ("It never makes any sense. We both have to know that there was a reason.")
  • And Kirk is headin' back to The Bridge!

MST3K Connections?  Sadly, not a one, but there was an interesting connection to the history of Star Trek. Mark Lenard, who plays the Romulan Commander, ends up being Sarek, Spock's daddy. That's pretty nifty. How did I find this out? Husband. The fun part of all this, is that he is the Virgil to my Dante, the Gandalf to my Bilbo, the Al to my Sam. . . without him, I wouldn't be having as much fun as I have been throughout this whole journey. Once again, drawing on the idea of a nerd or a geek being a SOCIAL thing. We need to talk and bounce our references off each other. To philosophize or riff. . . else it's just all missing that little something extra special that makes us feel like we belong.

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