Saturday, June 15, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 13: The Conscience of the King

Episode 13 - The Conscience of the King
    • As I ended the last episode with a play title/quote from Shakespeare, so we start with a Shakespearean play!
    • Was Kirk just trying to Riff Macbeth?
    • Woah.... Macbeth is The Executioner!
    • Famine eradication Stardate 2817.6 by Dr. Leighton on Planet Q.
    • Oh wait, he really wanted to just persuade Kirk to trap Kodos! 
    • OH!!! Revenge and vindication for Kodos taking half his face. Come on, Kirk, that's good enough.
    • Slaughtered 50% of population. Burned body. No positive identification. What? No, DNA evidence? It's THE FUTURE!
    • Galactic Cultural Exchange Program.
    • What? No overlapping or aging programs available? Oh future. . .
    • Lounge Theme Song Version.
    • Kirk. . . flirtatious smooth-talker.
    • Spock is baffled by Kirk's confidence about knowing when women are coming aboard the ship. teehee.
    • The men would be devastated to miss your performance and presence. Forget the women.
    • Kirk is very irritated with Spock offering logical responses to the distance off course they are going.
    • Oh McCoy, you and your philosophical metaphors. 
    • Spock does not drink, huffs at McCoy's preference.
    • Wow! There is massive amounts of sexual suggestion in this episode. Oh goodness... where is Yeoman Janice? Oh no!
    • Kodos had his own theories of Eugenics.
    • Hey Lt. Riley! Not going to go crazy on us are you?  Poor guy, being demoted. 
    • More Uhura singing.... Spock save us! 
    • Tarsus IV.
    • Poison and he immediately needs a drink of milk. . . Coincidence? Just a need to quickly to move the plot along!
    • The entire crew is concerned about Lt. Riley. Oh... wait... probably for themselves and poison slinking around in milk.
    • Stop meddling in my private affairs, so sayeth Captain Kirk. 
    • Spock is a mathematician. 2+2=4.
    • Logic is not enough. . . I must feel my way. . . I must be absolutely sure.
    • Phaser on overload becomes a bomb. Pretty cool.
    • The Ship has it's own theater!
    • We always suspected it was her! 
    • As bright as a blade before it is stained with blood (referenced the beginning).
    • Oh theater people... they're so dramatic.

    What I liked about this episode is, once again, the human rights aspect of the episode. I think of so many of the dictators in the world today, or ones that have passed out of this world in the last twenty years, and how they chose to rationalize their behavior. I think the most jarring and needed comparison are some of the warlords in Africa and the kinds of things that are going on. I couldn't help but think of the leaders who lead their people to commit mass genocide in Rwanda based off of a label.

    There are some MST3K connections that are new and exciting!

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