Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Patrick Stewart News. . .

Two articles jumped out at me this week that involved Patrick Stewart. I'd just like to start this by saying that I LOVE Patrick Stewart. I am a Patrick Stewart fangirl without even having watched all of Star Trek: TNG. I think he is just. . . oh myyy.

The first article I saw, which garnered a strange amount of international attention, was Stewart's first pizza slice. I mean, hell, who doesn't eat whole pizzas with silverwear? Granted, I actually do, with large slices of pizza, sometimes prefer to cut it up into smaller bites. Yet, sometimes. . . just sometimes. . . you gotta fold it! Kudos Stewart!

The second article was in response to a question he was asked while at Comicpalooza. It seems that right now is when the convention circuit is happening (lots of tweets and things about conventions). Anyways! Stewart was asked, “Besides acting, what are you most proud of that you have done in you life — that you are willing to share with us?" Stewart went on to explain about his history of abuse in his home and how it led him to become involved in Refuge and Combat Stress. When it was over, he saw the woman who asked the question was in tears and hugged her to comfort her. The woman had already heard Stewart speak about his experience in 2009 at an Amnesty International sponsored conference and it helped her change her life. (Be warned, it will make you cry... or choke back tears... I couldn't help it... it was... so special...)

This story just further enforces the label of Stewart as "The Most Amazing Man to Ever Live!" Read more about it and watch the videos in the articles. I just don't have the skillz to post it properly here without borderline plagiarizing it. And as my students have been informed, if you plagiarize, a Volturi-type group of cloaked school district people will surround you and you will cry.

At the end of the article is an incredibly interesting commentary about the Sci-Fi genre and how it functions as a form of escapism for people in unpleasant situations. While my situation is not comparable to Stewart or the woman, it is its own unpleasant situation and while I don't find myself so much escaping as it is finally rising out of the ashes of my world, I can see why, now, I am embarking on this voyage into geekology.

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