Sunday, June 2, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 6: Mudd's Girls

Episode 6 - Mudd's Women
  •  And now we're back to the puke-colored shirts.
  • Woah! Uhura is back!. . . where's Janice?
  • Irish Cowboy? Da' hell? With a Disco-Ball in his ear? Well, at least we know Disco-is Back in the future!
  • McCoy has transporter issues? I think I knew that.
  • Women? On the ship? In fancy dresses? This is. . . strange and unusual.
  • The soft filters are used to make them more... uh... appealing. Essentially, so we understand why the men are hypnotized, because else we'd be confused. 
  • Spock looks baffled by McCoy and Mr. Scott thinking women are attractive.
  • Close-ups of hip-wiggling not necessary!
  • Three unusual woman who have magnetic powers? 
  • People as Cargo. . .
  • Ship's Hearings. Bridge Crew is also the court! Awesome!
  • Lie-Detector? Pretty cool!
  • Poor McCoy. . . always subject to the wiles of hot women.
  • Rigel XII - Replacement Lithium Crystals (Kirk does in fact say Lithium, not Dilithium).
  • A Man has to be a Paragon of Virtue. 
  • Hot chicks turn ugly. . .unless you take this "drug."
  • "Captains are married to their ships." Like a man to his car/computer/game counsel/etc.?
  • No time to hand over Lithium Crystals, only circle potential blonde woman I've "traded for."
  • Hey, no females cook for me. . . Why is this guy so bitter about a woman being nice to him?
  • "I didn't touch her!" What in the world?!?!?
  • Wow. . . woman can't be anything other than "rounder," "more feminine" babes? Uhura was on here as a natural counterpart? Actually, she never did anything after the women came on. My befuddlement is looming large
  • What a sexist episode!
  • You want a selfish, vain woman.
  • Wait. . . the changing was all in her heart? Ok. . . that was kind of lame. Find the beauty in my heart to see it on the outside? Sounds like a meme I saw on Facebook.
  • SPOCK: "A most annoying emotional episode."
  • SPOCK to MCCOY: "The fact that my internal arrangement differs from yours, Doctor, pleases me to no end." BURN. 

Ray decided to take this opportunity to educate me on the Lithium Crystals, because he said they were Dilithium and I clearly pointed out to him that throughout the episode, they are called Lithium Crystals. Apparently Lithium was original thought to be what they wanted to use for Warp Technology. Then it was realized that Lithium was a REAL ELEMENT with REAL PROPERTIES! So they wanted to create something that was fictional so that they could create story lines around it. They also wanted something stronger, so they created (discovered) Dilithium for use on their ships. The Lithium Crystals were actually supposed to be super special and a more concentrated form of Lithium.

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