Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I just wanted to send out a huge Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband who is the best father I could have ever hoped to have for our daughter. My daughter and I honored him today by getting him Vader's Little Princess, How to Speak Wookiee, and a t-shirt reminding everyone that Episode IV comes first! Sadly, my daughter's godfather is not as awesome for, in a very geeky way, pointing out the spoiler alert status of Vader's Little Princess and that my husband had some sort of secret evil plan to undermine the clearly standard operating procedure for children of the 80's exposing their children to Star Wars. Either way, my daughter is one of the luckiest little girls in the world for having such wonderful, geeky men in her life.

Additionally, she has a wonderful Grandpa who she constantly talks about and can't wait to spend some summer time with. I, though, have a tendency to find a tinge of sadness on this day, because my father never got to be a grandfather to my little midgey. He passed away on Father's Day weekend in 2009. Followed the next day by my grandfather. They were absolutely amazing people and I miss them and am saddened that they do not get to enjoy the status of being "fathers" to my little gem.

Me and my dad when I was a wee-one.

Happy Father's Day to all, and to all a good night!

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