Monday, August 7, 2017

Orlando or Bust: Day 1 & 2 - The Road and The Walking Dead

My mum is always wanting to go on family trips to Florida. In the previous years we've been to Sea World and Universal, but this year she was determined to finally take my daughter to Disney. Now, I'm being honest, my anxiety hits 11 at the thought of Disney World, especially in June, but I wanted my mom to have this YOLO moment with my daughter, who is 6yo.

Racing to leave right after school lets out is something I wish on no one. I had to have my classroom ready to close, all grades in, and check out in the office before I left. Then I had to get home and finish packing up the car. We left for Milwaukee at around 6PM.

Our first stop from Oshkosh to Orlando was Milwaukee. We stopped at my mum's house to pick up her bag (she was flying) and grab a few winks before we headed out for real. Then we were off through Illinois and down, down, down.

When we drive down to Florida, I usually make a point of doing some location spotting south of Atlanta. The other bonus is that a certain AMC show is occasionally shooting when we drive through. Now, I should probably point out that my husband doesn't get into this kind of thing. It's a meh activity and he gives in to my nerdy, fangirl whims. What shocked me was that on this trip he was excited to location sight-see for The Walking Dead.

Using this map (organized by season, too) over the course of 24 hours, here are the locations we visited. All of them were legal, except maybe one, but it's sketchy at best as to whether it was or not. I should note here that I had already visited The CDC (not CDC), Terminus, and Woodbury on a previous road trip, but I'll post them below, too.

Terminus Tracks

The hospital entrance where Beth is brought out by Daryl.

The daycare where Maggie and Daryl pick up supplies for Baby Judith.

The graveyard Daryl and Beth walk through after The Prison.

Title Credits!

Where Morgan was holed up.

Used for a few scenes.

Beyond is the factory where Andrea hides from The Governor.

The house where Daryl and Beth hide after The Prison.

The restaurant where Carl finds the pic of his mom and Michonne takes a cat.

Maggie left a message for Glenn along the tracks.

More Terminus tracks.

Hershel returns to drinking. Found by Rick and Glenn.

Hershel returns to drinking. Found by Rick and Glenn.

Where Maggie first propositions Glenn, while Glenn looks for a pregnancy test.

Burned down Moonshine house. Permission to look.

After the farms goes. Ricktatorship scene.

After the farms goes. Ricktatorship scene.

After the farms goes. Ricktatorship scene.

After the farms goes. Ricktatorship scene.

Merle's last stand!

Merle's last stand!

Meeting with the Governor (across from Merle's last stand).

18 miles out intersection.






Rick and Carl take shelter after The Prison.

Rick and Carl take shelter after The Prison.

Carl's pudding house!

Merle cranks up the radio and lures walkers.

The side road used for like EVERYTHING!

The studio lot.

Sorgum barn!

The barn with names and messages on it that the Governor passes.

Supposedly where Daryl is ambushed and Denise is shot.

The gas station where Daryl and Rick meet Jesus.
The CDC (not CDC) in Atlanta.

The site of Terminus.


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