Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Joy of Gaming - The Magic Labyrinth

We're always on the lookout for new and interesting games for our daughter. She's growing up so fast that it's hard to waste out money on games that are ONLY for little kids and have no interest for adults. For example, we bought Animal Upon Animal, which is great for our young daughter, but we seriously love it as adults as well. When my husband bought this for my daughter, I laughed, because I had it on a list of interesting games to buy for our family.

The Magic Labyrinth (2009)
Essentially, you are moving your pawn (Magician) around the board, trying to make it to a certain symbol that you randomly selected from the bag. But the pawn is a magnet and on the other side of the board is a metal ball. Under the board is a maze and when you hit a wall, the ball drops and you start over. It's a race to see who will make it to the symbol first and earn the token. Players have to remember where the walls were and try to work around them. In order to know how many spaces you can move a turn, you roll a die. Again, if you hit a wall and your ball falls, you have to start over.

Everyone we have shared the game with has loved it and, to be fair, it has magnets... kids LOVE magnets. A definite addition to any family collection and a great game for any event you might attend where kids are playing games. I brought this to my school's Family Night Frenzy in the game room and it was the hit of the room. Several people told me they were going home to buy it right away!

If you're into the art and playful visuals of the game, the artist, Rolf Vogt, is also responsible for a similarly enjoyable game, The Enchanted Tower (2012). I recommend checking it out.

A great addition and one my daughter loves playing!

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