Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Game-A-Day-Challenge 2015 - Day 2: Mr. Jack Pocket (2010)

Mr. Jack Pocket (2010)
This is a pocket version of the larger game, Mr. Jack (2006). There is not a board, but tiles that you can change, randomly place, and manipulate during game play. There are still alibis, but they include an hourglass bonus for Jack.

You are either playing Jack or you're playing Sherlock, Watson, and their dog, Tobby. There are phases: the Manhunt and the Appeal to Witnesses.  The detectives move around the outside, looking down the streets, while Jack works towards manipulating the tiles and the detectives as much as possible.

Turns are still organized on an odd-even turn basis, where the odd turns the detectives take one turn token, then Jack takes who turn tokens, and the detective takes the final token. On the even turns, the roles are reversed. You can either move the detectives, manipulate the tiles, or take an alibi card.

Jack wins when he gets 6 hour glasses by the end of the Appeal to Witnesses turn. The detectives win when there is only one suspect left on the board.

A quick way to play Mr. Jack, with some changes to make it it's own unique game.

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