Friday, October 30, 2015

World Premiere - The Blair Iggle Project

Over the summer, I had to chance to participate in a fan "remake" of the Blair Witch Project. The BWP was a film I latched onto in my youth that rocked my world. I was hooked into their advertising and the faux-documentary-found-footage style. I was obsessed with it.

To this day, I still watch The Blair Witch Project (and sometimes #2) on Halloween!

So when the opportunity opened up this summer to participate in making a "swede" version of The Blair Witch Project, entitled The Blair Iggle Project, I jumped on it! Different people from around the world would film as many scenes as they could from the movie and then compile them into an homage of the BWP. They were done in low-budget ways with whatever materials and people we had available to make it happen. I did quite a few of the scenes at the beginning of the film, because I have a lot of locations near my house that I thought would work well for some of the locations, like Birkitsville and Coffin Rock.

Suffice to say, we finished our little film and here is the final product. I'm proud of being party of this fun creative project and it felt so right that it was this movie.

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