Sunday, May 18, 2014

The D20 Cookie

For an incredibly long time I've wanted to make D20 cookies. I thought they would be perfect for my students in my gaming club as a treat or to make when I'm hanging out with my gamer friends. I put it off and put it off and finally I watched Rosanna Pasino's Nerdy Nummy video for D20 cookies. I was surprised to see Felicia Day was in the video, not because I think she can't bake or something, but because I didn't know she was on that episode.

Also, I've been more of a cupcake girl, but even then. . . not at any pro-level. So desserts aren't my strong point. I'm learning and it's something that I'm trying out on the side. So far, having lots of fun doing it.

After watching it, I was super psyched to make the cookies. I had my hexagon cookie cutters and, well. . . I sadly did not make my own cookie dough.  Not because I can't, but because I wanted to just test out using pre-made dough with the process. The other problem I ran into was that I didn't have the colors of frosting I wanted to use for icing the cookies. Regardless, I was going to make this work.

So my daughter and I rolled out the pre-made cookie dough. Cut the cookies and put them on the cookie sheet. Baked them. We made big and mini-cookies.

Error #1: The pre-made dough did not  hold the edges of the hexagon, so they looked more like strangely formed round cookies. Some of them had some defined shape, but most started to blob out.

Error #2: The frosting tips were too wide, so I wasn't getting the fine lines to draw that I needed.

With these lessons learned, I know what I need to do for the future! I am definitely going to follow Rosanna's recipe for the future attempt, but these are my attempts at a D20 cookie. I feel more confident now that I've tried it at least once.

Large Cookie

Success #1: They tasted DELISH!

Success #2: I have a plan for the future.

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