Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy #13


Gather up all the wood in the world and knock on it right now. I have had two really positively amazing days in a row. Part of me wonders if the exercise is kicking in. Another part of me wonders if my medication is kicking in. And still, further, all these wonderful vitamins are finally doing something! I don't even know, but I've been relatively happy! I've been able to get tasks done. I've been able to read and write. It's almost like a BP2 manic episode. This kind of "normal" happy and I'm accomplishing things!

That said, I'm still having some issues. Wanting to do things that it's not time to work on yet or still ignoring tasks that really are a priority to get done. 

Some of the exciting things I've done the last couple days are:

  • Walking a ton of steps! 30 min walks.
  • Wednesday I walked 2 miles (not all at all once, but on the treadmill in 3 parts).
  • To reward myself, I had a super health Alaska Roll for lunch (salmon, avocado, cucumber).
  • Shopped for Hot Cocoa Bombs.
  • Picked up the Hot Cocoa Bombs I purchased at Target.
  • Drank that Hot Cocoa Bomb with the family.
  • It was National Vanilla Cupcake Day yesterday!
  • Made Vanilla Cupcakes!

  • Finished watch The Haunting of Bly Manor with my hubby-wubs.
  • Finished ALL the laundry! (There's more now, but I was officially done!)
  • Put a huge dent in the clothes sorting in my room. 
  • Watched Critical Role Episodes 63 & 64.
  • Worked on D&D for the Tomb of Annihilation!
  • Have a date set for our next meet up for D&D ToA.
  • Chose my Christmas D&D One-Shot!
  • Realized I have a real Bag of Holding - My Bag of Holding Pursue really works like a real bag of holding. I need my keys? BAM! I need a pen? BAM! So cool!
  • Made a chocolate sundae for National Sundae Day!

I hope that by acknowledging how awesome things have been I haven't jinxed anything for myself. It has been wonderful feeling so good. It's been a good week.

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