Friday, May 31, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 4: The Naked Time

Episode 4 - The Naked Time

  • Even though he's in a red suit, he is still technically a red shirt!
  • Red Shirt - Absolutely no regard for protocol!
  • Spock once again reminds us that he's superior in every way!
  • What? No subtitles for Scotty's rough Scottish accent? Beware of screening today. We need subtitles for anyone who doesn't speak with a broadcaster's accent. (Uh... Mr. Scott, not Scotty... yet.)
  • Spocks eyebrows are back to a normal looking angle.
  • Uniforms are much more... uniform.
  • Is this the right-handed disease?
  • Sulu: Hookie-Player   Sulu: Swashbuckler (AKA Nutjob?)
  • The Sick Bay looks a little bit more like the "Salon Bay." 
  • Vulcan neck pinch takes down Swashbuckler Sulu.
  • A description of how women should look? Men still prefer the natural look with loose hair. Good to know for the future.
  • Using phaser to get through the ship's hull. That was pretty nifty!
  • Spock, once again, gets that loving feeling.... with sniffles and tears? Oh my.....
  • Special effects reveal: Spock ears.
  • Don't cry Spock.... it's ok.
  • Kirk gets slap-happy!
  • There may be no right way to hit a woman, but apparently there's no right way to hit a Spock, either. 
  • Kirk loves his ship like a woman and wants to walk on the beach with her. (Unresolved: Is he really talking about Janice? Is Janice a human version of the ship? Will Kirk ever get his walk on the beach?!?!?)
  • McCoy. . . that shirt is coming out of your pay. Completely unnecessary. (Sidenote: Kirk's wardrobe budget must be huge! Two ripped shirts so far.)
  • Scotty and Spock save the day!
  • Running backwards in time!!! LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! Next time, this might be easier than messing around with Dark Matter!
  • 3 days of redoes! AWESOME!
  • Time travel is now possible. Established in Episode 4. Future plots revealed!

I was reading a little more on this episode and I noticed that there is a remastered version of the episodes as part of the 40th Anniversary re-release. As I was reading through the things that have been changed, it has become very obvious to me that we are watching t he remastered versions and I am slightly bummed. I was kind of impressed with the visual quality of the show, but now that I know so much of the small things were changed, I don't feel as in-awe as I did previously. I mean, I was really impressed. I also just have that hit to my pride for not making the connection, but I guess I'll get over it. I feel cheated.

Only one connection to MST3K this week. . . .

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