Thursday, May 30, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 3: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Episode 3 - Where No Man Has Gone Before
  •  This is the "Pilot" with the replaced crew.
  • Spock is looking strangely yellow when wearing his puke colored shirt. Still no consistency with uniforms. (Yes, I know it's the second pilot with the new cast and was filmed before the previous two episodes.)
  • Tractor Beam (first mention).
  • Kelso (possible inspiration for That 70's Show? Clearly there are already Star Trek connections between Bob Kelso from Scrubs for other reasons....joke made through Scubs.)
  • Scotty!! But..... we've lost McCoy!
  • Warp Factor of 1
  • Gary Mitchell?!?!? I can't help but laugh at any mention of the name Mitchell (MST3K anyone?!?!).
  • Sulu: Physicist
  •  Kirk was a teacher? Almost married a woman set up by Gary Mitchell as some sort of "assignment"? 
  • HOT LIPS!!! 
  • Spock has that loving feeling.

When I was reading up on the background of this episode, I realized it was the second attempt at a pilot. When I was reading into it, I saw that Lucille Ball owned the studio where the pilot was produced and, after a bad showing with the original pilot, convinced NBC to give Star Trek and Roddenberry another chance. She owned Desilu Studios. What an awesome piece of trivia. Kind of like Star Wars saving Fox Studios.... Lucille Ball saved Star Trek! She really was an amazing woman!

And now the MST3K connections:

  • Gary Lockwood (Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell) was in Episode 615: Kitten with a Whip in a minor role, and he was Sir George in Episode 411: The Magic Sword. 
  • Paul Carr (Kelso) was Dr. Kipling Episode 1010: It Lives By Night.

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