Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Addict?

When I went to check my Facebook this morning, I saw a link from a librarian friend of mine explaining 25 Signs You're Addicted to Books. I started reading it and immediately linked it to my husband. As we both sat at our laptops scrolling through the article, you'd hear a little laugh or a "that is so me!" issue from our lips. It was hilarious!

Read the Article to find out if you're addicted to books....

Am I a fan of books? You have no idea. If you read this article, you will realize how big a book addict I am. I have a Kindle, but if you put a Kindle in front of me and a paper copy of a book, I would take the paper copy every time. I, sadly, also realize that space in my home is very limited. This breaks my heart. So paper books have been somewhat regulated to books that require a hard purchase, because they were that good.

Currently I get my book kicks from my classroom. I need to have books physically there, so that means lots of bookstore browsing. Especially the secondhand shops where books just have that feel....... and smell........ and sense........ about them. Oh it's amazing! ................ Ok, that's just a bit too much book-ecstasy......

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