Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series - Episode 2: Charlie X

Episode 2 - Charlie X

  •  What are these beige/nude shirts? With rounded federation symbols? And Kirk's green wrap shirt? A leisure shirt? And what is up with the different blue colors? Why does Dr. McCoy get a shiny blue shirt and Spock a standard and traditional looking shirt? Hmmm. Ray suggests medical smock for McCoy.
  • I like how the show doesn't start right away with the intro. It's neat that it has a little story and then the intro. I hadn't realized these did that back then. (NOTE: When did this start in television? Is it something central to certain types of shows?)
  • "Captain Kirk is one of a kind, Charlie."
  • Ray: "This episode is about YOU and how awkward YOU are." Me: "Oh no...." Ray: "But you don't have evil super powers." Me: frown. What can I conclude from this? I am like an awkward 17 year-old space boy with evil super powers, but without the powers. This does not bode well for my declassification as "boring and unattractive social misfit."
  • Recreation Room, Deck 6 (Is this the first mention of multiple decks? How many decks are there?).
  • Spock: Logical Musician. Irritated by fabulous black woman's absurdities. Reminder: Star Trek the Musical could never work.
    How'd that work out?
  • 3D Chess Board and Solitaire is still popular!
  • Charlie silences Uhura.... he was just doing what we were all thinking. It wasn't really... evil. He also has a knack for magical card trick photography!
  • "There's no right way to hit a woman." Well said, Kirk.
  • I'm picking up on subtle pauses... could this be the start of the exaggerated running gag of Shatner's acting ability? (Ray: "He is at his best here. Nothing is up with him yet. Wait.")
  • Kirk is on his way to the Bridge in a yellow crew shirt. [cut] Kirk arrives on the bridge a few seconds later in his green shirt! WITCH CRAFT!!!
  • Charlie has personal boundary issues.Space Aspbergers? (No offense.)
  • Shirtless with tight spandex! I wonder if the chicks wear SPANX! I'm not ready for this!
  • SPARRING MUSIC! The most dangerous dance! (Not the classic verse, but intense music for a brief spar-session.)
  • And a Red Shirt dies. Only a stern look from Kirk.
  • NCC-1701
  • Spock randomly quotes broken William Blake. Tyger, Tyger burning bright. . . Then recites The Raven by Poe... or at least a few lines.
  • Charlie turns blue shirt girl into an.... iguana? What a random animal for a future person to turn someone into.
  • Do you mean the original definition of nice? Foolish, ignorant, and wanton? (Criminal Minds reference... um... my own references, not... ya' know... Star Trek and Criminal Minds.)
  • The Thasians! We appear where we want.

Ok, I found the earlier conversation with my husband about this being an episode about me offensive. I am nowhere near as awkward as this guy. Plus he's crazy. I left my crazy phase a long time ago.

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