Sunday, October 20, 2019

October Movie Binge 2019 - Day 20: Session 9 (2001)

I thought long and hard about adding Session 9 (2001) to my list. Some say it is about a man going mad, so a whole psychological breakdown. Others, though, consider it a haunting or even a form of possession.

I think the tapes reveal the secrets of the haunting, ending with Simon. I think that when Gordon first sees the chair in the hallway, he is captured by the spirit of Simon. I don't believe that Simon is one of Mary's personalities.

I could have put this with malevolent spirits, but I think there is more of a connection to the place, specifically Mary's room.

Session 9 is honestly a tricky film to figure out, but while a slow burn with the plot, the end rushes up on you, leaving you reeling.

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