Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wii Wednesday #3

Today started out with another doctor's appointment that took up a chunk of my morning and stopped me from getting into a groove to get work done. Since we were out, we also made some stops to pick things up. I was lucky enough, though, to have gotten a little bit of the next D&D Out of the Abyss story going. I made a GoogleForm for my husband and daughter so that I could figure out what direction they're going to be going in. It would make it easier for me to plan if I knew where their heads were at. So I was excited to have that done before we went out and did all the other stuff.

Once home, I fought the battle of lethargy. I don't know what was making me so exhausted. I did, at one point, force myself off the couch to go for a walk on the treadmill, but even that didn't last for longer than 15 minutes. I reset my FitBit to yell at me once an hour if I don't take a minimum of 250 steps. That didn't stop me from falling asleep for a 30 minute nap around 2PM.

But the point of today is to get in some family Wii time! So after my daughter finished her online Girl Scout CampIN and making her toilet-paper-roll-binoculars, we got going.

My daughter started with some solo running with a cat and then got angry at the WiiFit Board for telling her she was jumping. I took over and did a couple activities and then we wrapped things up with a family game of bowling. Family bowling always brings back from memories.

Then I checked in with my mom, because she got some of her test results back from Monday. We're waiting to see if they're going to pull her out of the study she's in. It's for chemo medication for women with Ovarian Cancer (I think... I forget the details of the study). But she was in good spirits and that's what's important.

As I started to settle in for the night, I tripped into the rabbit hole of producer Oren Peli. I am a hardcore Peli fan (and Wan, Whannell, Sandberg, Blumhouse). Now I'm looking for Area 51, because I love found footage horror movies. He's ticking off the boxes for the various supernatural styles of found footage, which is really why I like the guy. So now I follow him on Twitter and I'm more gungho than ever to get back to finishing my horror movie articles from last October that I stopped completing when I found out my mom's cancer had come back.

Since I don't have to sleep in, though, it's going to be an early night and I am going to finally get a good night's sleep!

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