Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: New Years Fandom Resolutions

There are resolutions I'd like to make in general, but I make resolutions throughout the year to myself as needed. So I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and try this new thing called 5 Fandom Friday, which is a frequent thing on a Google+ group I'm part of called Female Geek Bloggers.

So here are my 5 Fandom Friday: New Years Fandom Resolutions:

1. Play More Games

I am a tabletop gamer through and through. Cards, dice, boards, . . . you name it. . . I'll play it. So this year I'm participating in the 10x10 Challenge on BoardGameGeek. Play 10 games 10 times. I'm participating in the Hardcore and the Normal Challenges. Hardcore means I dedicate myself to a specific set of 10 games and the Normal Challenge is any 10 games as I want and I don't have to plan it out. I'm really quite excited about it and it'll be great. I want to make sure I record these in my blog.

2. Play Games with More People

Even though we're part of a gaming group, we don't get out much to game with them because we have a 4yo. We just can't afford to pay a sitter to go out and we don't live near anyone who would watch her for us for free or for a few hours or anything. We have to count on when my mom takes her.  So I'd like to make sure I'm playing more games with my kids in my Tabletop Club at school. Like, not sharing more games, but actually playing games with them. I'd also like to branch out independently to the local game shop and start some sort of women's game night for women gamers. It'll keep the men at home babysitting (hehe).

3. Meet My Reading Goal

I'm a literacy teacher for a middle school. I have to try to stay on top of what the kids are reading or what's popular. Sadly, I like books that challenge me a little more than YA Literature. So I cannot exclusively read YA. I also don't read exclusively Graphic Novels/Comic Books. I've taken to enjoying a few, but I really am a reader through and through. It's what I have my degree backgrounds in. It's what I love. So I'd like to make sure that I'm reading an equal amount of various materials. I have a 34 book goal on GoodReads. I read 39 in 2014 and my goal was 30, so here's hoping!

4. To Get To GenCon2015

It's going to take a lot of savings and lot of scraping and scrimping, but we are going to make it again to GenCon! This year our friend Jim is going to go with us, which will help things a little bit, I think. Either way, it's going to be awesome and we are going to make this work. If it means Ramen noodles for us every night, so be it. It'll help when our daughter is done with daycare and starts school with limited summer attendance.

5. Finally Fully Invest Myself in My GMing

Last year I had my first little foray into being a game master for Pathfinder. I created a sweet Google+ Pathfinder adventure using the Beginner Box and set things up with my husband and our friend (who lives in NC). I ended up crafting these additional adventures and while I feel I succeeded at the storyline, I was struggling with balancing the experience and items in order to keep my participants happy. So once things start to become a little less depressing around here, I'm hoping to start dedicating a little bit of time to getting back into that, so we can RPG with our friend a bit more over the summer.

And that's it! My First #5FandomFriday and My 5 Geeky Resolutions. 

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  1. Good luck on reaching your reading goal! That's something I always fail at!