Saturday, August 8, 2020

Go-with-the-Flow Saturday #5

I woke up to the most exciting site! STARS! My dog and I were moving our heads at the same time and he clocked me with the hardest part of his head right in my right eye socket. Oh my goodness... it hurt so bad! Good morning world!

After I regrouped from the assault, I spent the morning doing some basic upkeep, but I was really consumed with school work. Our class lists were released online today and I have been working on some digital notebooks for my students to use. I'm not going to go into school stuff right now, but I am not going to be hush about feeling we should be starting digitally.

Today my husband broke out Marvel for us to play. He has the original TSR system to roleplay Marvel. No adapting to D&D or some other system. It's percentile rolling with a chart. It's fiddly, but it keeps things interesting. We don't play consistently enough where I still have the system memorized for all the bits and pieces. But it's pretty neat. If you'd like some information on the system, drop me a comment, I'm always happy to share.

So we've been playing our campaign since 2015. My character is named Io Leda. She's an alien from the planet Edylah. She's an experiment and had several powers reveal themselves over her lifetime so far. My husband says she's "badass" and, honestly, she is. She can do so much cool stuff and, he'll say, she's invincible. Again, I don't believe that, because I have very little defense, but he's given her some armor items. I just rolled really well on the day of character creation. But she's awesome and I have written hundreds of pages of storyline about her. Whether it's backstory or in-game story. My husband even had some work commissioned for me as a gift. Her nickname is "The Gardener."
We used the play the game with a friend of ours, but he stopped playing. I was heartbroken, because this was so important to me. My husband decided the two of us could keep playing, but I had to create a second character. Finn Ashworth is a trust fund baby who loves to fiddle with gadgets. It's not my wheelhouse for a character, but it's what I rolled. He's a nerdy high-tech hero. I have a hard time coming up with techy ideas for him to work on because, again, it's just not my wheelhouse.

Anyways! I got to play today! We're in the middle of a battle or a dungeon crawl, as one might say.  We're fighting Genoshian Magistrates, who are all anti-mutant and all that. It's an X-Men thing and totally worth looking into. Oh game does create it's own timeline, but right now the Old Guard is out to get us! Ah! But I'm excited to get to fight again.

So we made it through a couple more places in the sewers of Paris as we chase the Old Guard Leaders and try to get to the heart of it all! So exciting! My husband does such a good job with RPG. I wish I could be as half as good as him.

I also started watching Riverdale the other day and it finally clicked at being interesting. So now I'm binging the show. Hmmm...

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