Friday, July 17, 2015

Tabletop Games - As a Camp Activity

Last summer the site I participate in, International Geek Girl Pen Pals, ran their first online Summer Camp! They had site members running seminars, posting How-To Blogs, divided people up into troops who then had their own little cabins and counselors, and there were just a lot of awesome things to participate in.

Due do it's amazing popularity, it has returned and I, once again, have thrown myself into the fire, like a tasty marshmallow, and offered to run some camp events. I'll be listing my events below, but make sure you check out the whole list of amazing activities that will be going on. It's not just for girls, but boys, too.

Tabletop Online Game Tournament - Starts Thursday, August 13
Gamers will play online games through BoardGameArena in an elimination style tournament. Participants will be paired, hopefully in a way that makes time zones work out for them, and then standings will be listed. Last year was my first time doing it. This year, there's a bit more strategy. Sure, the contest is limited to the games that are available online (and free), so it changes things a little bit. I would love to have games like SmallWorld and Galaxy Trucker, but I can't make people buy the apps for those. Ceste la Vie.

Fiasco - Camp Death - Sunday, August 16
Fiasco is an on-the-spot RPG, where you roll dice in the moment and, as a group, create your characters and the story. No planning ahead. No GM. Just dice rolling, character creation, and storytelling. I will be facilitating and playing the Fiasco Playset Camp Death, developed by James Gabrielsen.

“Camp Clearwater has been abandoned since some grisly, ‘unsolved’ murders 20 years ago. The new owner probably made that up as some creepy story to tell campers and scare up business. What I know, though, is that we’ve got a couple weeks to get this place setup before any campers arrive, and most of the hardwork is already done. We’ve got lots of time to have some good ol’ fun before the campers take over. What could go wrong?"

Prepare yourself by watching some classic 80’s horror flicks! We'll be on Google+Hangout.

Tabletop Photo Scavenger Hunt - Monday, August 17
Use your knowledge and love of Tabletop Games to complete a Photo Scavenger Hunt. A list of 10 camp related items will be posted and you will use Tabletop Games fulfill the hunt photo requirements. The rules are fast and loose, as long as you are happy with the outcome of the items you selected to complete the hunt. For example, if the clue was “Fireside Snacks,” you might take a picture of the game board to Candy Land or some of the components from Scoville. Celebrate the great way Tabletop Games fit into camping!

So make sure that you check out these great Tabletop activities, as well as some of the other great activities, like daily craft and fitness activities.

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