Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 2: Noah (2012)

Noah (2012)

Noah is a game that my husband bought for me for our anniversary one year. It was a tin anniversary. This was a tiny tin game. I really enjoy the fast play and the cuteness of the cards (see my review at GeekGirlPenPals.com).  It's pretty great to quick throw down and challenge yourself. Math skills are a must!

A flood is coming and Noah needs to save as many animals as possible before the water gets too high. Noah, though, is a big ol’ softy and his heart is breaking for certain animals more than others. His tears are falling, which are probably making the flood waters rise even faster! You need to save those animals as fast as possible so that Noah stops crying and the animals won’t drown.

You have boats and each boat can hold 21 tons of animals. The animal cards have the weight and some special abilities. These cards are played on the boats in patterns. Either boy/girl, girl/girl, or boy/boy. When the fourth boat has sailed or someone runs out of cards, the round ends. Those with cards tally up the amount of tears on their cards. Those are the points you have to record. Noah is a game about the fewest points, instead of the most points. You don't want those tears on your conscience.

Noah plays for three rounds and has some great promos. I got mine through BoardGameGeek. Frogs, and Crocs, and a special boat. Neat stuff.

I recommend this game for the summer and travel. It's easy to take out onto the patio. The materials are heavy enough where, unless you're on the beach and the wind is blowing, you'll be fine. It's a nice game for little ones with emerging Math skills and there's a great story behind it. Plus, it's small enough to slip into a purse or a beach bag and it's a tiny, so it's a little more heavy duty than a box.


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