Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Game-a-Day Challenge - Day 3: Pie Factory (2014)

Pie Factory (2014)

Pie Factory is a 2-4 player card game. It uses card drafting, set-collecting pie creating game. Players draw cards and try to create combinations to make the highest priced pies. The most and highest priced pies win and there are other bonuses to help push those points over the edge.

It is a fun game and it's always a great time playing it. We just continually run into the problem of the rules. After about 4 plays and some FAQs and inquiries, we think we finally have the game down, but there's one or two things that we're still sketchy on. We're almost all ironed out, though.

Pie Factory is another nice game for traveling. It plays in a reasonable amount of time and the layout is manageable for smaller spaces. You can carry it easily in a purse, duffle, or carry-on. Directions, though, should be worked out by an adult, don't go asking your 13-year-old to figure it out. Trust me. . . I tried. But it's nice for families and the theme is quite fun.

Sadly, my game play this month, so far, has been not an enjoyable as I had hoped. Not because of the games, but the company. I love my husband to bits and pieces and was in total stellar moods the last couple nights, but tonight I was in an emotional funk. While I would love to have a super happy entry on this day of gaming, I am having a day where I am too affected by my job to not feel withdrawn, emotional, upset. That's the price a teacher pays sometimes. Pie doesn't always make everything better, but at least it can take your mind off of things for a little while.

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