Sunday, May 31, 2015


Throughout the last two years as a teacher, I've been having a hard time finding useful resources for Tabletop Games in the classroom in a "single" place. It's mostly been forums where information is shared in a link and then lots of complaining and emojis. Or it's been on Pinterest, where a lot of it isn't about tabletop or board games, it's just playing games in the broader sense of the term.

As I was wrapping up my Calkins & Tabletop Unit of Study, it hit me (after a giant mug of coffee) that I should make a G+ community for educators who want to share their ideas, links, images, etc. on Tabletop Games and the Classroom.

Thus was born TabletopEDU. I opened up a Twitter account so that I can tweet out information. I'm brainstorming ideas to make this more social and interactive, such as a weekly Twitter discussion based on a theme (yes. . . I drew inspiration from @BoardGameHour).

I just really felt there needed to be something out there that was beyond JUST using specifically educational games or exclusively talking in forums about things. I'm even logging my ideas for starting a TabletopEDU "website" so that I can start to invite guest educators to write and share their ideas and experiences.

What I do know for sure is that I cannot run this alone and I'll have to start doing some networking as this thing slowly lifts off the ground. It's now my baby project and I'm beyond excited about what this could mean.


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