Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet Me at the Table: Running a Middle School RPG Day 2

Here are the adventures of Day 2! We focused on alignments, modifiers, traits, and names.


  1. Found you via BGG.
    Poked around and (ultimately) watched your "RPG Day 2" video.
    I just wanted to give you a word of encouragement. It's obvious your nerves & emotions are running close to the surface. You seem like you may feel that "butter, scraped over too much bread" feeling. Even in your explanation of how you go about building your own character, so much self-criticism/dissatisfaction seemed to be boiling just below the surface.
    Breathe girl.
    What you are introducing these kids to is unusual and exceptional. You are teaching them about consciously identifying with a larger social/political/racial group. You are teaching them to look at themselves and rate/prize/prioritize personal qualities. It's just an amazing undertaking. I don't know you or the kids, and I'm no RPG'er, but I am thrilled at the story, and moved by all of the difficulty & emotions you are facing. You are doing a FAN-freakin'-TASTIC job, and it's coming from your heart, from a creative place. You have something unique to give that no other teacher I know would give. Your kids will NEVER forget this experience. 10 years from now they will not remember the limitations or the frustrations they are voicing this week. They will just relish the adventure they had with you.
    In my book, you are ALREADY an awesome character with cool abilities. This is a beautiful, brave "share" on your part--both the video and the project itself. (Your husband may rib you on your Elvish pronunciation, but he has to know you are just WONDERFUL too.)
    Be blessed. Take heart. Don't give up. Hope this weekend is refreshing for you.

    1. Thank you for the support. I am someone who wears their emotions on their sleeve and I have a tendency to absorb things and it can wear me out. These are also filmed at the end of a long school day, so I always feel exhausted and taxed. It might sound silly, but I'm an INFJ personality and the amount of social interactions I have can make me feel like butter, scraped too much over bread. But I still love the whole experience. Thank, again, for this support and the kind words. The thrill is there for all parties involved. I'm working through all the kinks of doing this for the first time. :-)