Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fiasco Session (4-3-2015)

For my husband's birthday, I arranged for us to play Fiasco with our friend, Jim, through Google+ Hangout. He had been wanting to play it and Friend Jim and I prepared to play by watching the Tabletop demos and psyching ourselves up for some intense acting. My husband was the most excited, because we're technically creating our own little movie scenarios. Both him and Friend Jim like these kind of Simple Plane/Fargo movies, so after looking through the book, they chose the Main Street & Willow Road scenario. Then we went through the process of rolling. (The dice were kept on the camera through Google+ Hangout.)

Suffice to say, this was a really enjoyable game and it was pretty easy to play through Google+ Hangout. I will say, sitting across from my husband, who was so committed to his role, was incredibly intense for me. At one point, when my character had his character held at gunpoint, he almost made me cry! I mean, I was seriously about to cry and had to keep stopping to take a moment, because my character was a bit more callous than myself. I guess my husband can feel confident that if he pleaded for his life, I would totally cave in and weep my silly little head off!

The unfolding of the game was really quite engaging. The setup of acts and how you don't really know how everything is going to pan out kept the enthusiasm up. I also loved the collaborative effort to create the scene and the story. I'll be honest, we spent a good many wasted minutes laughing our butts off and probably could have scaled back the amount of time the game took to play, but it was epic and beyond enjoyable. We're looking forward to more scenarios.

Bonus: No one had to do preparation before playing, so it didn't burden any of us before playing.

Here are the finalized notes from the game. We filled these into a Google Doc while we played. Our Friend Jim was adding quirky character bits as we went, since I was forced to do most of the talking and interacting. So it's not exactly a game play, but it's notes to see how we incorporated everything. I'll be happy to answer questions if you have any while reading. (Some language has been changed for mass consumption.... sadly, too much innuendo to be able to change it and stay clever.) Some of the notes, though, are not true to the character, but, again, are things that Friend Jim added.

Hawthorne Street & Bradley Road

->Untoward - Was it the cardigan, was it the fricking pie, was it something horrifying in Bill’s creepy secret room-- OH WELP GUESS WE WON’T FIND OUT BECAUSE MEL’S DEAD. Thanks for that, Betsy.

 ->Mansion on Hickory Terrace being sold by Bill, near Hawthorne St, not Bradley Rd.. None of these are near Main or Willow, because frack that crappy neighborhood.

 -> Greed leads to killing
 -> Someone is not so innocent afterall. Oh Betsy, you little...

Sally Wright - the 6th grade girl who disappeared; member of the church
Mrs. Wright - Contacted by Mel; Lives in Bill’s neighborhood; Remarkably calm for having her daughter missing for a month; Possibly a Jon Benet Ramsey situation; Doesn’t know French; abuses Valium;  member of the church
Jessica Miller - Makes awesome coconut creme pies; pissed that Deacon Blackman rigged the last Bingo tourney; member of the church
Buffy - member of the church
Pastor Fredericks - Our pastor, loves Jessica Millers pie, Buffy is not amused
Detective Charles Jager - Awesomeville PD...okay so the town’s not called Awesomeville but most it’s the south and it’s Orsomville. Yeah. That’s gotta be it right? Shut up.

[Sarah Notecard - Betsy Flint (exaggerates, reasonable, kind of a tease, gives out personal information, into snacks (maybe also Jessica Millers pie, tapping Mrs. Wrights valium)); packing heat; doesn't want to see Mels package; knows a nice pie when shes sees one; quick trigger] Got her playground.
 ->Ray friends Real estate rivals
 ->Jim community church volunteers

 ->To get Respect! - From the TOWN by proving my convictions
The town needs to support the community through helping to fund the projects of the church. Give back so we can give to you blah blah bah

[Ray Notecard - Mr. Mel Jacobs, Esq. (nosy jerk, frequently drunk, photo aficionado, enjoys climaxes, soooo changeable, DOES know French, totes paranoid, practiced maybe not so practiced aspiring stalker/peeping tom; He’s a runner!; smoke)]
->Sarah friends Real estate rivals
->Jim crime corrupt official/local big shot

->Get the Truth

[Jim Notecard - Bill Ace Blackman, III (loves insertion, lives at the end of a five and a half minute hallway, loves sandwiches, perfect gentleman, charming, has an awesome face, Not a child-murdering son of a gun because that’s clearly something the dodgy Real Estate guy would be and not the rich jerk with the creepy torture dungeon)]
 ->Sarah community church volunteers
 ->Ray crime corrupt official/local big shot

Detective Charles Jager is friends with Bill and is going to help him clean out his room ASAP.

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