Sunday, August 24, 2014

IGGPPC Camp Solo Scavenger Hunt

1. Favorite nerdy or fandom glass or cup. My Star Trek Cup, even though I have a dozen that I cycle through during the school year and are seasonal!

2. Comic Collection (Um... mine are literally all on my kindle, so here are a few graphic novels I recently picked up.)

3. Favorite Candy (Anytime... anywhere.... peanut butter and chocolate... no Reese's Pieces....)

4. Favorite Nerd Shirt (Not to show off who I met or anything, but I LOVE that shirt. It's one of my favorite dice/gamer shirts.)

5. Book Collection (There are still more upstairs and packed away in bins, safe and organized and then there's my classroom library... I love books.....See better photos by my husband HERE.)

6. Movie Collection

7. Find an Animal

8. Favorite Shoes (I never thought I would fall in love with a pair of boots again. I used to love my army boots back in high school. I bought these through amazon for my Steampunk Nun... and I fell in love! I LOVE these so very much. My other standards are NewBalance shoes and flip flops.)

9. Walk Outside Photo (My daughter had to come and I couldn't pass up taking one of her under the tree as we returned home.)

10. Show Off Your Workspace (I ended up setting up here for the webinar and haven't moved. It's our kitchen table... covered in games from GenCon.... is that an orb?)

11. Letter you received (I helped support our Overlord Iggles going to Hollywood!)

 12. Regional Dish (THE BRAT!!! One for me and one for my husband at the local weekend Brat Fry that helps raise money for local groups in our tiny little town.)

13. Favorite Time of Day (The evening after a rainy day.... gorgeous!)

14. Figurine Based off a Movie Character
15. Favorite Button (I have so many pins, it's hard to pick just one favorite... I love the D20 pin that I use for the three levels of achievement for my Tabletop Gaming Club for my students. I also got my first GenCon 2014 Hard Rock pin this summer and I was always proud of the MPS teacher pin, because I got it during my student teaching. Even though I don't teach in MPS, I spent 2 years in various schools working with students.)

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