Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ghost Hunting 101 (IGGPPC Camp)

I have loved ghosts (stories and hunting) for a very long time. I've not gone super public on my own skills before, because it's something I've battled with admitting. I do get resistance and silly looks from people and, being a sensitive person, sometimes it actually hurts more than it should. When you already have social anxiety and struggle with feeling "normal," having something else to make you feel a little extra weirder makes you want to push that weird farther away. If you're already balls-to-the-wall with self-confidence over who you are, you probably aren't going to have this problem. I constantly have to look to other people to figure out how to behave, which is probably why I'm judgmental of people who do things that I used to do or did and was scolded or chastised for and they get away with it. It feels like a serious injustice to me.

Enough of that, though. An opportunity came up for the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club offering people the chance to teach something they're skilled at. It only seemed natural to finally put my skills and knowledge to good use and maybe help others who are interested or need someone to put themselves out there to inspire them. I struggled for years trying to find my own path and learn as much as I could about ghost hunting. As tragedy struck in my personal life, I thought I was going to have to give up my seminar for the IGGPPC, BUT the Not-At-All-Evil-Overlords of the site allowed me to switch the time of the webinar and the new time couldn't have been better. Not only was it, as I joked, the original time of the Ghost Adventures show before it switched to Saturday nights, but it was also my dad's 65th birthday.

I promised myself that every year, I would do something on my dad's birthday (August 22) that challenged me as a person. This webinar challenged my anxiety about teaching adults (so much more affectingly judgmental that kids) and admitting that I have a passion for and some sensitivity to ghost, spirits, energies. . . whatever you choose to call them. I'm not kidding, I have suffered and continue to suffer with admitting that I'm sensitive and something of a spirit magnet.

With that being admitted, I would love to share the webinar I did, with an additional download of my presentation. Enjoy!


  1. This is AWESOME. I've gone on a few hunts before and it's always interesting!

  2. Thanks so much for doing it, I personally really enjoyed it! Ghost hunting always something I've been interested in and it was amazing to be able to interact and ask questions with someone who has actually experienced it!

    I also love that you are challenging yourself to do things on your Dad's birthday- that's a really cool way to grow as a person and I'm glad the stars aligned and made your webinar fall on this date. You did an amazing job! xx