Friday, June 27, 2014

Which Member of the Justice League Are You?

I have to admit, I like doing little quizzes. Sure, it's narcissistic, but it's also fun and all-connecting.

My childhood friend posted this quiz on Facebook. She was all disappointed that she didn't get Batman. She was labeled as Green Lantern, which isn't a terrible thing. I mean. . . she could have been Aquaman (teehee). I joked with her about how, well. . . you can read it for yourself and remember. . . friends since 1988.

Me: well... I mean... Batman is Badass...

Her: are you saying I'm not?!

Me: ::crickets::

Her: hahaha idk what you're talking about. I'm so gangster

Me: Thug Life Forever, what, what, yo!

There you have it. It's, I guess, funnier when you know the two of us. The point, though, is that we don't always end up as the super hero we love the most, because we love them for all the things we're not. They're all the things we wish we could be.

With that being said, I had to know which Justice League member I would end up as. So I took the quiz and was pretty surprised by who I got.

What I thought was so interesting about this is that teachers really do embody super heroes, with the realization that we can't save the whole world, but by banding together we can try to make a brighter future for as many children as possible. I thought this description was well-suited towards teachers, even though I'm not a huge Superman fan. Granted, I'm not very charismatic, but I felt good about what it said. Oh. . . did I mention I am so not uptight and boring?

Now, does your result match who you are? If not, were you being honest with yourself? My husband also scored The Green Lantern. While it fits, some things are a little different, but maybe it's more about how he sees himself and not how others see him.

Am I over-analyzing an online quiz? You bet your sweet muffins I am. Try it for yourself.

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