Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 Geeks Are Better Than 1

Also Known As. . . CAH's 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit

I was at work this morning and I got a message from my husband that he needs our card number so he can buy an awesome $12 purchase (yeah. . . yeah. . . we have to share a debit card for just one more month. . . it's his, but. . .I'm the wife). So I quickly sent him over the info and didn't ask any questions. Then he tells me it's something fun for him and I. Well. . . that could be any number of things. Maybe he signed us up for some sort of awesome tasting menu or purchased something movie related. I mean, there are lots of things it could be.

I had actually forgotten about it with all the hectic things going on at work. When I arrived home from work, my husband kept giving me these little hints about the $12 purchase, telling me I'd probably see it online or on twitter or something. Being the snoop that I am, I jumped on twitter, but wasn't really sure what he was talking about, so I didn't even know what I was snooping for. Finally he broke the news to me: Cards Against Humanity was doing this 12 Days of stuff. 12 Days of stuff? What in the world? What could this possibly mean? My husband just said they'll send us 12 gifts over 12 days.

Ya' know, that's pretty cool. I'm game for that kind of cute holiday neatness. Me, the lover of advent calendars and St. Nick (not. . .another name for Santa. . . no. . .no. . .the stocking filling guy on like December 5th). So I was super psyched and super proud of my husband for catching wind of this.

And that is why 2 Geeks are better than 1. Without my geek husband, I would have been too bogged down at work, teaching and enriching young minds, to know that this awesome deal was going on and I would have missed out on this elite opportunity sponsored by the card game that will make you feel dirty just for thinking about playing it.

I can't wait to post more about this as the gifts arrive. ::GIRLY SQUEALS OF EXCITEMENT::

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