Sunday, September 29, 2013

World War Z

I love zombie stuff. I can't really explain all the different avenues my love of zombies shuffles down, but it started with film and the reality of the concept instead of just a commentary on society. I typically rush out to see the most recent zombie movie, but since we had our daughter, getting out the movies is a bit more of a challenge. So, as I've mentioned before, we wait for the Redbox release.

I was REALLY excited to see World War Z. Ray and I read the book together and listened to the audiobook when we went down to Louisville to investigate Waverly Hills Sanatorium. We fell in love with the book. What was even more interesting was that on our drive home from North Carolina this summer, we kept coming across zombie geocaches along the same route we drove when we went to Louisville.

World War Z came out a week or so ago on DVD for Redbox. We knew they had made some changes to the story and I was nervous to see how extreme the changes would be. Luckily, the changes that were made worked out. Brad Pitt's character sort of worked. I don't know if I bought into what his character's original job was, but I guess it worked for what they wanted to do.

While watching I couldn't get over how depressed and absolutely hopeless I felt for humanity. I have never felt such hopelessness for humanity during a Zombie Apocalypse. Every time you thought they were ahead, they'd get hit from behind. And it wasn't like it was just a small group of people in one small location going through this. . . it was GLOBAL, so the hopelessness was international and not just some local mall in Milwaukee. It was intense.

I also know Ray had issues with the special effects and digitalizing of the zombies, making their movement and speed look fake, but I justified it, because it plays into the hopelessness. . . they move in such an unreal way, we don't stand a chance. . . they are so veracious and the bodies go into hyperdrive. . . they are the apex predators who don't discriminate. Just remember to be quiet, because they are ultra sensitive to stimuli (like a gaggle of middle school kids. . . j/k).

It was a really enjoyable movie and adds a whole new level to the zombie genre.

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