Thursday, August 8, 2019

Accomplished Geek Girl: Homecoming

It is finally happening... I am going to New York City. I have never been so nervous for a trip before.

I don't even know how to tackle something as geekingly epic as going to NYC. And before you think to yourself, "uh... duh... it's so easy!" I have a stumbling block. This is one a 24/7 trip to NYC. I am going there to attend a teacher's reading curriculum institute at Columbia University. So my days of tourism won't start until 4:30PM at the earliest! Let's not forget that the tourism aspect is also after a long day of going to "school."

For years I have looked at maps of NYC. Several years ago my husband, our friend, and I started playing the Marvel TSR. Base of operations was, obviously, NYC. I know so many locations and places and where things are, but now that we're going there it feels so incredibly overwhelming. There's a mix of wanting to visit locations from our game (like where our characters live), but there's also the need to see the staples of the city itself.

Many of our locations are going to be personal and related to our game, but we're also going to be going to some crazy places. Have I mentioned there's a detour to Philadelphia to see the Marvel Exhibit at the Franklin Institute?

Finally, I have my t-shirts in full theme! Maybe over-packed due to t-shirts, but I don't care. You have to be prepared for everything!

Arriving "home" in NYC just feels like I've always been waiting to be there. Almost as if it's a homecoming and I'm seeing all the people I've only been able to keep in touch with through messages and pictures. It is so surreal, but it feels so right.

So let the travels begin! Hopefully I'll be able to manage the daily postings, but I'm thinking this could be a really great way to return to what I have missed for so long!

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