Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sherlock Christmas Special Teaser Trailer & Prediction

Like many people, I am a super fan of Sherlock. Love, love, love the show. I eagerly await all the bits and pieces of information that trickle in. I've always been a Sherlock fan, but this BBC series has me completely smitten.

So I've been watching all the little secrets and bits and pieces that have been released here and there. Finally, today, I saw the trailer.

Everyone is trying to figure out what the deal is with the trailer. We know it's set in Victorian times (Sherlock's original setting) and the characters are actually out and about in Victorian garb and Victorian London. One of the earlier predictions indicated they might be going to a costume party.

As if to join the huddled masses full of theories, I have devised a potential theory about the Sherlock Christmas Special!

As Watson has mentioned often, he writes a blog about his adventures. I think Watson was able to finally turn his writing into a novel and wrote a story about himself and Sherlock set in the 19th Century. That would explain some of the things that Sherlock says, especially talking about how he was created and even the mention of war.  The opening of the trailer talks about setting the stage and the curtain rising, which reflects the beginning of a story... a play, but this is too elaborate to be a play.

It could also explain where Watson tells Sherlock to put on the hat. They could be dressing up to go out for the book.

I don't know, I just thought that could be the key.... that John Watson finally turned Sherlock into a book. The trailer has a very story-like feel, with Sherlock's lines feeling unlike his typical Sherlock character persona.

Guess we'll see when all the fog and mystery is removed!

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