Friday, August 16, 2013

Teaching = Super Power!

I was looking for unique acrylic tumblers. I have a bit of an obsession with them. Mostly for work purposes. I make a really cheap and "healthier" version of a Starbucks favorite and the tumbler has been the perfect travel glass for me.

I remember a while ago, I was browsing through tumblers and I really liked the teacher ones. I'm beyond proud to be a teacher, so I was tempted to buy myself one. Somewhere deep down, though, I have hopes that someday a student will buy me a tumbler. For some reason, middle school teachers are completely ignored by parents when it comes to donating supplies and recognizing them with gifts of appreciation. Not that I'm fishing, I'm just saying. . . I'm a little blown away by the complete lack of donations I had to my classroom. I did have two students who did give Christmas and end-of-year gifts. I cherish those gifts with all my heart. I also was given lots of artwork from students and those I also cherish. The smiles and that moment you hear them repeating something you taught them. . . is all the appreciation I need. Well, . . . that and hearing from students in the incoming class that they've heard about me and are totally bummed not to have me as a teacher. Yeah. . . that feels pretty darn good.

Ok. . . I got a little off track. What I wanted to talk about was the fact that apparently educators have Super Powers! I mean, seriously. . . think about it. It might be a stretch, but think about the basics that are applicable to the basic human. Do the conversion. It is pretty impressive. These, of course, aren't all the powers, but there are just so many to keep track of and different teachers have different talents. Some are Science teachers and might have all those Science powers. The same with Math teachers. I tried to put them into context. Stay with the more positive side of the superpower and not so much the villain aspect. That's if. . . you know what's good for ya'! Enjoy!

  • How many people can say they can run a room of 20-30+ kids/preteens (Persuasion)? 
  • Where. . . the room actually isn't in constant chaos and learning is occurring (Yin & Yang Manipulation)? 
  • To be able to see all things at all times in your room, especially when your back is turned (Circular Vision)? 
  • To know everything that is happening at all times in the room (environmental awareness)? 
  • Where students are having FUN learning (Empathy & Temporal Manipulation - Slowing Down or Speeding Up Time)? 
  • Where we have the power to influence future generations (Knowledge Replication/Knowledge Projection)? 
  • Encourage trends or expose children to the wonders of culture (Telepathy)? 
  • To be all the multiple roles that teachers are for these children (Shape-Shifting)? 
  • Knowing when someone is lying or telling the truth and the ability to judge situations with a judicial hand (Claircognizance & Mendacity Detection).
  • Creating a classroom with next to nothing to start with and very limited money. Time for creativity to reign (Psychic Constructs)?
  • To somehow have everything you need, when it even becomes an obscure request. . . like. . . a parachute guy, as well as a magical supply of loose-leaf paper and pencils (Dimensional Storage)?
  • Adapting the classroom to fit all the needs of all the creative ideas you need to teach in the most engaging way possible (Spatial Manipulation)!
  • Helping students learn to channel their inner writers and embrace a love of the English language (Literary Manipulation). 
  • Working those long hours without always having the food or coffee to get you through the day (Self-Sustenance).
  • To literally be consumed by your job, but still have something of a small life outside of it (Self-Transcendence).

Teachers have these powers!

Way back, I ran a tabletop incentive for the kids and the fact that I had 6 different tabletop games running in my room with 30+ kids and it was organized and running smoothly. . . that's a power in and of itself! You have to channel that power. And you do have to regenerate it. Look at the list above. . . those are all used on a daily basis. Try regenerating that with only 6-8 hours of sleep. I think that's one of the biggest problems. . . for all these incredible "powers" teachers have. . . there isn't enough time to regenerate so that the power is at full strength. A summer off sets you at 100% for the start of the school year, but  there is a minimum of 3-7 days to fully regenerate to 100% depending on the teacher. Think about how exhausted super heroes get when they're using their super powers! Even Ironman can't be in constant use of his energy.

Talk about a bit of motivation and power-boost to be able to remember you're special for being able to do what you do in the classroom. It also explains why, at the end of the day, I sometimes couldn't get off the couch once I had sat down. I mean, couple all that with then all the parent superpowers! So if you know a geek teacher somewhere out there, appreciate their combined superpowers and chuck them something to help with sustenance.

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