Saturday, July 13, 2013

Embrace Your Geekness Day 2013

I was super psyched for today. My plans were rock solid, until I realized that nothing with a toddler is ever rock solid.

Today started out with a plan for a visit to the library and a bit of geocaching in Omro before setting in for some reading and catching up on my backlog of Star Trek episodes. There's always something about the second half of my day that never falls into place.

First things first. Isabelle,  my daughter, LOVES going to the library. I can't not help her embrace her inner book geek, but I have a suspicion its not about the books. . . it's about the other kids and the toys that are sometimes there.So we hit up the book section, she played for a bit and picked out a book. Then we were on our way to some geocaching.

We drove down to Omro and hit up three family-friendly geocache locations. We went to a local park and searched around in the woods. Then we crossed over some bridges and were left with an "ah man" moment when we couldn't find the cache. Our final cache, though, was at another park and an easy find. It was at this park where my daughter learned to push her stuffed animal on the swing and help her Lady beanie slide down the slide. It was adorable!

Then we came home and avidly watched our DVRed TV shows and some other stuff. I indulged in my love of cooking and made some great snacks for watching our shows. {Epic Fail Post. . . Learn to finish on time!}

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