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Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Conventions I’ve Been To Or Wish To Attend

Conventions are something I'm slowly working my way into. It took me forever to get my husband to actually agree to go to one with me. But for this Friday, I won't hold back my passion and desire for conventions with a wonderful 5 Fandom Friday mixed list of Conventions I've Been To or Wish to Attend.

1. GenCon

Of course I need to start out with a convention that really changed me as a geek, a gamer, and a woman. 2014 was the first time I attended GenCon, not for lack of wanting to have attended prior, but this was the first year we could really make it happen. It was my first LARGE convention and it was the first one I attempted to wear a costume at. I actually separated myself for my husband for long periods of time, trying to experience the gaming world as a single woman. Boy, let me tell you, it is a whole different world without my husband. Even gaming without my husband IN THE GAME made all the difference. I still loved the experience enough to go back in 2015, but I was so blown away by the atmosphere and the absolute community and friendliness of the people. Everyone was polite and nice. Excuse mes were everywhere! The only bad experiences I had were with some of the people running vendor booths. One was so bad, I left in tears, because I felt so attacked and belittled. It actually made me not even want to buy the game that I had gone there to get and was excited about owning.  The only other bad experiences were the ones where people were running their mouths, acting like they were experts, but were just coming off as idiots. That mostly happened on the bus.  Overall, though, I LOVE LOVE LOVE GenCon and can't wait for this year!

2. N.E.W. Game

This is a local convention that the gamer group we're part of runs. I've been invited the last two years to help with the Family Room. This year I was able to help create the Polyhedral Playground for families and my game club kids ran part of the room and another of the gamer group ran the other part of the room. I designed the logo, which was kind of super awesome. One of our group members drew it up for us. It was really super cool. It was also the first official con I had ever been to and I loved it! I meet some wonderful people there and get to expose my kids to such wonderful experiences. This past year, though, I felt very shamed by something my students did and it was a huge learning experience for me. I still feel embarrassed by it to this day. I did, though, also get the best picture ever out of the event. I love it so much.

3. Origins Game Fair

I've learned that Origins is the convention you go to when you JUST want to play games all weekend long. And that is why I want to go. Plain and simple. And. . . well. . . it's one that we can drive to. We're not super huge fans of flying places, so we like to be able to drive where we need to go. It's in Columbus, Ohio. Really the selling point is that it is all gaming all weekend with nothing really stopping you. Kind of falls in more with our N.E.W. Game convention than with GenCon, to an extent. Or at least, that's what we've heard. Anyways. It's on my list of to-go-tos.

4. Star Trek Las Vegas

I had a hard time thinking of 5 conventions, even though I could have gone small, but then it dawned on me. . . I really wanted to attend a Trekkie convention. Someday in my life I want to attend a Star Trek Convention. I want to see the crew. I want to see the fans. I want to be a part of it. And, since I've read Wil Wheaton's books, Las Vegas seemed perfect, because it even has a simulator and is so focused on Star Trek in every way possible. Sadly, I of course struggle with some of the issues that Wheaton raises about Creation Entertainment and it makes me not want to fully commit, but at the same time, what an experience! I just feel like it's the premiere Trek-Con and if I could only go to one, this is the one I'd love to check out. Plus I've never been to Vegas and that would be a large appeal.

5.  ComicCon

My dream is to someday make it to ComicCon just to experience it. Just once I'd like to be part of the intensity of being in the geekiest place on earth EVER! And the potential to catch a glimpse of people I admire or am totally greek-crushing on. That would be pretty awesome. Is it strange that I've actually had dreams about attending? No. . . seriously. . . I fantasize about someday going. This is what it would look like walking down this side of the street. . . here is what it would look like entering that building. . . and the parties! Oh please someday I want to go so badly. . . . someday. . . .

And there you have it. 5 Conventions I've Attended or Wish I Could Attend. Have a great weekend and check out these bloggers:

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  1. I love that you have a few I've never heard of listed! Just shows how many conventions are out there!

  2. #2 I would love a women's table top group in my area. I have a close girl friend that I game with, but every time I go into my FLGS I feel so out of place. The owner is amazing and always invites me to stay and play, but the guy vibe is super strong and intimidating there. I have a hard time integrating with a new group because I have some anxiety meeting people for the first time. About an hour north of my hometown there is a Comic/Game shop owned by a woman. Lady Planeswalkers meet there and they also have several all girl Pathfinder and D&D groups. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem gaming with guys, it would just be nice to see more women out there and to be able to be myself a little more.