Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cards Against Humanity's Ten Days of Kwanza or Whatever - Day 1: A Card with Your Name on It

Like last year, CAH has looked to some our of beloved geeky songwriters to contribute their cynical holiday cheer! Day One is I'm Stuck in a Human Centipede for Christmas by Kirby Krackle.

A new part aspect of the gifting seems to be a daily wallpaper that you download for your computer. Day One is Santa's Workshop. You can download it from the site for your desktop, tablet, or iPhone. It is also the image that matches the above envelope, if you didn't catch that already.

Finally, there is another PUZZLE! Yes. . . another bounty of WTF MAN! This year they've added a site to help you solve the puzzle or, at the very least, validate just how very wrong you are.


  1. I got the Ten Days for my husband as a silly Christmas present. Hes a huge CAH fan, and I knew he'd love having a card with his name on it. I've been collecting the envelopes and I'm going to give them to him all at once. But if there's downloadable things, should I not wait to give them to him?

    1. You could download the special content and put it on a flashdrive with the envelopes or something like that. I'll be updating the days as they're posted on CAH so you can see what you want to make sure he has.

      I love that I have a white card that says my husband's name (from last year) and then the black card on this one said "devoted friend, and lover of ___________" I can put my husband's name. hehehe.

    2. A flash drive is a good idea! I'll have to try that and hopefully my technological ineptitude doesn't take over lol. I have been anxious to see what else is in the envelopes! He's received three so far. I saw those white cards last year and thats why I wanted to get whatever they were going to send this year. I was really happy when they came right out and said that they were sending another personalized card. I wonder if they made the black card with last year's white card in mind.