Monday, December 23, 2013

Silly Parents. . . These Cards Aren't for Kids

I can't not comment on this. I saw it posted through Wil Wheaton and then followed it over to Maxistentialism.

I do have to ask why "Elves, etc" is the one that set this particular parent off. I mean, if  they're in tight with the decider of post-humours-fates, wouldn't maybe. . . Interfaith Circle Jerk has been a bit more. . .inflammatory? Or. . . uh. . . have they not gotten that packet yet? Maybe those might be a bit more pornographic. Yet, then you actually look up what makes something pornographic, it has to have intent. It can only truly be considered pornographic if it lacks artistic merit. At the very least it would be pure erotica trash. Sadly for this parent, CAH clearly is a piece of socially offensive art that causes people to evaluate their own what-what about this and that.

Another thing that jumped out at me, was that the handwriting felt like it was forced cursive. Typically people (especially students) who frequently write in cursive grow at being adept at it, but something about this particular handwriting makes it feel forced. Almost, to ensure that you take them seriously and that they are an adult, they must write like this. I know some adults have some pretty bad handwriting or no cursive skills at all, but even this feels a little off to me. Then add in those really emphasized exclamation points. Seems rather girlish, if you ask me.

Add the incredibly over-the-top and almost afterthought threat of turning them over to the F. B.I. I mean, it's not that I don't think there are people out there who would do this (think of all the people who go after people on twitter or Facebook. . . such as the girl who dressed as a Boston Bombing Marathon Survivor for Halloween), but it feels all incredibly juvenile. If this was an adult who seriously cared, wouldn't they have maybe typed out a formal letter or angry intent? I know I wouldn't just scrawl something on a piece of paper and waste my stamp on something that isn't powerful with thought-out presence. Think about, too. . . wouldn't a parent be more likely to call the company if they felt this was truly F.B.I. worthy pornography? Or find an e-mail or point of contact before scribbling out a threatening letter? To even contemplate the return of the money spent on the offensive crap their daughter received?

I also just have to address the fact that a child signed up for 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit and the parent had no clue. I don't think I can buy into the kid not owning the game or not having to consult the parents for the finances to attain it. Or did a friend sign the daughter up for this as a joke?  I can buy the ignorant parent thing. I mean, hell. . . parents have been accused of worse, but to get angry at a company for your own negligent parenting? You're the one who didn't know about that which your child signed up. Cards Against Humanity means that the game is against humans, human existence, and being humane, kind, and benevolent. What in the world kind of game do you think this is?  What prompted this parent to intercept the envelopes on this particular day? The whole thing, while technically plausible, seems just a little off.

This whole thing feels like a call for attention. Especially with such a flimsy claim as thinking the F.B.I. is going to come in and freak out, because you didn't monitor your kids online behaviors or the use of a credit card as a minor. I have money on this being a kid. So if anyone looks into it or follows up on it, I'd love to know what comes of it.

Cards Against Humanity      1             Faux-Humanity     0

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