Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CAH Presents 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit MAILED GIFTS - Day 3

I was starting to get a bit nervous about the arrival of the gifts, but Day 3 has finally arrived! Here's what was included.

Here is the envelope. Three extremely New Wave, Frenchie Hens (even though they're probably chicks and the cock of the walk).

Here is the packaging for the set of cards that was sent for Day 3. I had to relive the awkwardness ALL over again. ::shakeshead::

Finally, the cards that have now made their way into my larger deck. . . even though. . . oh goodness, I'm having some sort of moral dillemma over this whole thing. Ray is saying I'm being all uptight, but I'm super struggling with these cards coming up when playing the game with friends. ::hyperventilate:: It'll be alright.

There you have it. Day 3 finally arrived. I only wonder when Day 1 will arrive, if ever, and what other treats are in-store for us. Hopefully no more god or God jokes. Not that I'm all freaking out, but seriously. . . my youth and this whole New Pope thing has got me in some sort religious crisis. At least they're all equally made fun of. Man up chick. Deal with the hilarity.

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