Friday, December 20, 2013

CAH Presents 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit MAILED GIFTS - Day 1 & Day 4

IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!  The Day 1 gift has finally arrived. In addition to this blessing, we also received Day 4! Excitement!  Here's what we got.

Let's start with Day 1. There is a pear tree, but it looks like we're quickly loosing the poor little partridges.  Oh my! Must be windy is that cold landscape.

Here are the packages for the cards, along with the title of the set and the Fun Fact.

The cards are here and I'm so happy to see them. I can't wait to include them in my original deck.

Finally, here was the note that was included, helping me to understand what this all exactly is. I. . . had already read this and I wish it hadn't taken over 20 days to arrive FROM CALIFORNIA! I still stand by the fact that something about this one taking so long seems really out of place. SOMETHING was going on there. Either way. Enjoy. What do you think the code at the bottom means?

Yeah. . . so. . . do not throw away anything they send you. Especially, for example, the Clusterfuck game that I will never play with anyone, ever, because I'm not 15 or in college.

And that's what arrived with Day 1. I received a very nicely printed and packaged copy of Clusterfuck. Love the title. Don't like the game. It's a bit too awkward for my group of friends. Maybe if I was still in my 20's it would have been a pretty cool game, but. . .I'm old. . -ish. . . now. Blah. I feel like I sound ungrateful. . . shame on me. I own it for posterity. And to lock away in the lock-box under my bed, so when my daughter is a teenager, she never finds it.

Here is the envelope of the four calling birds?  More like Four Foul Fowls. Pheweee!

Clusterfuck! Figure out how you REALLY wanna. . . well. . . you know. . . KNOW. . . in the biblical sense.

Oh yeah, and here's the invitation to the sexy party (which will always remind me of Stewie).

Loving the 12 Days! This is so frickn' awesome and makes checking the mail an even more anxiety-riddled ritual than it already is!

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