Monday, December 23, 2013

CAH Presents 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit - Day 11


So there's another video. Another new song about how jaded we all are about the holidays. If nothing else, it's a great conversation starter. I talked to my husband about those who are jaded about the holidays. I think I was there once or twice in my life, which usually stems from a string of bad holidays or frustrations over money issues or too much pressure on those around you to have to live up to a certain holiday standard. I know it's all supposed to be funny and hilarious, but then my parent/teacher personality kicks in and all I can think about is how negative the future holidays will be as children continue to see adults mock the holidays. We had been taught that sarcasm is sometimes the worst thing to use on kids, because they don't have a filter yet. Sadly, the entire world they live in (especially online and in so many of the older kids cartoon shows) is literally one big pit of sarcasm.

It's still a funny video. I just had to keep reminding myself that it's supposed to be funny and if you seriously say "fuck the holidays," then you're not doing it right. As someone who has lived a life of upper middle class to completely broke and close to not having a roof over their head to currently living barely above the poverty line on my teachers salary, I've never blamed the holidays for being what they are. I've made them my own. And maybe that's the truth behind all of this stuff. My kids love to yell out "YOLO" for everything (sharpening a pencil in the middle of class. . . really embracing life there), but isn't that kind of the point? If I'm not happy with my life, what do I need to do in order to find happiness in my situation?

Thanks CAH for causing me to soapbox so much this holiday season. It's been fun!

Now enjoys the cards that I've already posted pictures of, because I got this particular gift early! W00Ts!!!

Black Card: Kids these days with their iPods and their internet. In my day, all we needed to pass the time was _____________.


White Card: A simultaneous nightmare and wet dream starring Sigourney Weaver.

White Card: Being blind and deaf and having no limbs.

White Card: People with cake in their mouths talking about how good cake is.

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