Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dix Against Humanity

It is no mystery how much I love Cards Against Humanity and Dixit. I use Dixit constantly and I am even working on ways to incorporate it into my classroom with enhanced Common Core Standards rules! Cards Against Humanity is just offensive and hilarious and it seriously feeds that guilty pleasure of being incredibly offensive!

As I was simply sitting here enjoying my day, my husband sent me a link to the greatest thing I have EVER seen! And what makes it so sad for me is that I don't seem to have anyone to play this with! Cards Against Humanity has no place around anyone you want to offend (kids, new friends, some family). . . so how will I ever enjoy this unless Friend Jim comes to visit or my childhood friend Amy is up in the state for a while? Woah is me. . .

So while I lament having limited trusted people to play this type of game with, enjoy the majesty of this amazing game: Dix Against Humanity!

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