Monday, July 29, 2013

Don't Be a Dick Day

Since my husband and I are in the throws of absolute nerd gaming and Star Trek watching, it was hard to miss the fact that today is Wil Wheaton's birthday! I think it just all happened at a weird time where certain things came together, but Wheaton has been so much a part of our vocabulary over the last week that it's almost a little awkward. I won't reflect on it all here, because that'd just be selfish. This is about Wil Wheaton, afterall!

Today, as the graphic above demands, is Don't Be a Dick Day! As of the posting of this entry, we have successfully fulfilled this wish for Mr. Wheaton. That doesn't mean tonight, at the gaming table, won't have a different outcome. (UPDATE: Uh-oh. . . we had some haphazard dicking during gaming last night. Shame...)

I turned to my husband today and said, "It's Wil Wheaton's birthday. Don't be a dick." Our almost three-year-old daughter, who is incredibly precicious, was sitting on the couch, positioned inbetween Ray and I. Ray and I laughed about my comment and then she very sternly said "Don't be a dick!" Oh my goodness.... it was one of those moments where you can't not laugh, but your parent-sense kicks in and you have to correct the behavior. I'm not big on censorship in my speech, but I am constantly having those parent moments where I'm like "oh shoot. . . child in the room." 

So take it from Wil Wheaton and my daughter. . . Don't be a dick! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the always beyond awesome, Wil Wheaton! Take the time to wish him a Happy Birthday on twitter (@wilw).

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